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Descendants theory: Who is Carlos de Vil's father

Carlos Oscar de Vil is the only 14-year old of the 4 original VK's. His crazy mother is Cruella de Vil, but who is his father?

We know one thing for a fact, his mother is Cruella de Vil who mentally and physically abused him for 14 years, and (don't forget) used him as a slave. Carlos' father is only mentioned once canon:
Cruella had forbidden him to ever ask her about his father, even though he was very curious and loved to know more about him

Since Carlos was conceived on the Isle, his father must be another Disney villain. And (because Carlos doesn't know him) we can assume that he is deceased. This doesn't solve anything. There are plenty male Disney villains who are not mentioned in Descendants, Descendants 2, School of Secrets, Wicked World or the books. So let's look at Carlos' appearence. He looks like his mom and only has a few features his mom doesn't: his skin tone and freckles. Plus the ability to be very gifted at technical devices. He even …